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Welcome to The Business of Beauty

BOB HeadquartersWe are a consulting firm with over a decade of experience in Business Development and Management for the Beauty Industry.

Our products and services offer everything that industry professionals require to transform their passions into prosperity.

Powered by a unique and carefully selected team of professionals, The Business of Beauty is capable of custom-tailoring our products to actualize your vision. We understand that you are an individual; your career is an extension of who you are.

For business owners, we know that your business is the crown jewel of your professional success. Our belief is that we were each born with limitless potential.

Let us groom and guide you on your journey!

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Satisfied clients that have all benefited tremendously from our tailored business products and associated services.

  • The Business of Beauty was a pleasure to work with and an outstanding visionary company! We would work with them again and recommend them for any work you may have!
    Lorna Pinckney, Upside Marketing
  • The Business of Beauty has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition. Their good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to all of their endeavors.
    Stanisha Mills, J. Sargeant Reynolds CC
  • The Business of Beauty was sincerely concerned about providing good customer service to their clients. They are focused on forming relationships with clients and other businesses.
    Jane Bridgeforth, Calming Touch
  • I left after every visit very impressed with their business skills. I witnessed integrity, honesty and dedication to their craft. I am happy to give my wholehearted endorsement and appreciation!
    Jaseer Hassan Khabir,
  • I have found The Business of Beauty to be of many talents and have requested their ideas and assistance as it pertains to my business. They are an asset to any organization!
    Stanisha Mills, J. Sargeant Reynolds CC